About our products

1.Bees products from wild flowers, meadows.

2.Around hives no agriculture and industry.

3. Sejny/Lazdijai region bee’s products have ,,Protected Designation of Origin“ sign.

        Bee Products from Lazdijai region is very peculiar, because this region has many natural flora, meadows, fields, swamps, and forests.Lazdijai and Seinai region is located on the border land territory where big areas of land are not used for farming activities, the flora is natural and varies greatly. This land is not contaminated with any herbicides or pesticides, which is why the Bee Products collected in this territory has many substances beneficial for health.  In this territory of Lazdijai district, bees collect multiflorous unique composition bee products. Multiflorous bee products has many more vitamins and minerals than the bee products that is collected from just one type of plants.
    Our bee products are rated by The European Union -  ,,Protected Designation Of Origin“ . This certificate shows the high quality of our bee products.


More about ,,Protected Designation of Origin“ sign :