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Natural bees product.
Avoid from sunlight.
Storage temperature 0-12 °C
Keep in dark, dry place.

        Bee Bread is also known as Ambrosia (food of the Gods) or Perga.
Bees bread is ideal food– it has all what is necessary for good health.
In it is many vitamins and minerals, lactic acid , more than 250 microelements and many others… Scientist has determined, that among 100 years old peoples are many beekeepers, who Always were eating bee’s bread.
Athletes, bodybuilders, sportsman are using it to achieve the best result and WINS.
It improves skin tone and has a rejuvenating effect on the body.

Bees bread:
Slow down ageing, strengthens the immune system, strengthens the nervous system, Improves brain activity,
Irreplaceable sports supplement, Help to treats impotence, increases fertility, Regulates the activity of the intestine, regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood, detoxifying operation, Improves potency.....

What Is Bee Bread? what is the difference between bee bread and bee pollen?

Bee bread is a super food that is sometimes confused with bee pollen, and it is easy to confuse them as they are quite similar. Bee bread have extra nutrients, it has a higher energy value and Bee Bread has At Least 3 Times More Bio-availability than Bee Pollen. Perga is rich in amino acids as well as phytohormones, flavonoids, mineral elements and active biological compounds, the bio-availability of bee bread is at least three times bigger that of bee pollen granules. Whether, to use bee pollen or bee bread is a matter of personal preference, bee bread is the richer in nutrients and gives a bigger energy boost. Bee bread is harder to find and is considerably more expensive.

Bee bread is about 20% proteins, 24-34% carbohydrates and 1,5 % of lipids. It has almost the same amount of calories as products from vegetables: flour, rice or peas. Bee bread has a large variety of minerals and has high quantities of iron, cobalt, phosphorus, calcium. It is one of the richest natural foods containing selenium Bee bread is also an excellent source of potassium and B-group vitamins. Amino acids, which are predigested for easy assimilation in the ratio that the human body needs, constitute about 15% of the dry substance in bee bread. It is a natural biostimulative nourishing supplement rich in fitohormones, flavonoids, free amino acids, mineral elements and other active biological compounds, with bioavailability at least three times more than regular bee pollen. This complex of vital substances determines the biostimulating role of Bee Bread.

Recommended to eat your bee bread first in the morning and in the noon. The amount of bee bread recommended two - three teaspoons per day.

Bee Pollen is the seeds of a flower blossom which has been gathered by the worker bees and to which special elements from the bees has been added. The bees collected and stored the pollen in their hives. It is collected on the legs of bees and formed into granules as they move from the flower to flower looking for nectar. When the bee brings pollen back to the hive, they put it into the comb cells. After the cell is filled up to 2/3 with pollen, the rest is filled with honey and finally sealed with wax. After three months of fermentation the sweet and sour tasting bee bread is ready.

Our bees are never fed with white or inverted sugar or any other artificial substances during the season. Bee Bread is absolutely free of GMO because Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture and the parliament has adopted a resolution refusing GMO crop in Lithuania. So This Bee Bread is a real gift from mother nature.


Natural Bee Bread of Lazdijai region.

        Bee Bread from Lazdijai region is very peculiar, because this region has many natural flora, meadows, fields, swamps, and forests.Lazdijai and Seinai region is located on the border land territory where big areas of land are not used for farming activities, the flora is natural and varies greatly. This land is not contaminated with any herbicides or pesticides, which is why the Bee Bread collected in this territory has many substances beneficial for health.  In this territory of Lazdijai district, bees collect multiflorous unique composition bee bread. Multiflorous bee bread has many more vitamins and minerals than the bee bread that is collected from just one type of plants.
    Our bee products are rated by The European Union -  ,,Protected Designation Of Origin“ . This certificate shows the high quality of our bee products.





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